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Five benefits of Niacin (vitamin B3)

Vitamin B3 is another name for Niacin. It is vital that your body needs to intake correctly for proper functioning. Vitamin B3 helps to control the high cholesterol level in the blood and treat respiratory issues in the body.

As per the study, foods such as fish, nuts, and chicken are extraordinarily rich in vitamin B3. Not only this but reducing the cholesterol level in the blood also improves the blood flow throughout your body. In addition, it boosts memory for better learning of new things.

Everything seems good until taken within the appropriate limits. Overdosage of any of the vitamins might have adverse side effects. For example, Niacin is highly soluble in water, can travel throughout your blood vessels, and is discharged from your body when you pass urine. The primary function of the vitamin is to retain the calcium in the bone.

Regulate the digestion process

Vitamin B3 promotes a healthy appetite and beautiful skin by assisting in the normal functioning of the human digestive system. This vitamin is necessary for various digestive activities, including fat, carbohydrate, and alcohol digestion. Therefore, Niacin or vitamin B3 supplementation can be quite beneficial for the regulation of the digestion process.

Treatment of pellagra

A severe vitamin B3 shortage is indicated by weak muscles, digestive difficulties, skin infections, or pellagra. Pellagra is a condition caused by a deficiency of vitamin B3. These folks will need to consume more vitamin B3 through their diet or supplements as part of their treatment. To avoid a situation that will only develop over time, it is critical to consume more niacin-rich foods.

Improving your skin with Niacin

Vitamin B3, known as Niacin, protects the skin from UV damage. It's commonly found in anti-aging cosmetics and lotions. In addition, it has been shown to repair sun damage and age-related discoloration. This multi-tasking vitamin aids in the healing of wounds, as well as strengthening and stimulating the skin's ability to retain moisture.

Reducing the chances of getting Arthritis

Vitamin B3, often known as Niacin, aids in the relief of osteoarthritis symptoms. It enhances joint mobility and reduces arthritis-related inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory effects, among other things, aid in relieving Arthritis and improve cognitive function. Ensure you don't take too much Niacin because it can have the opposite effect.

 Reduce the chances of heart attack

This vitamin aids in the control of cholesterol levels in the body, lowering the risk of heart disease. It also reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, two factors that can affect the heart by hardening arteries and obstructing blood flow. In addition, Niacin has been shown to enhance blood flow by dilating blood vessels.

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